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Implemented Programmes, Projects and Services

The partners behind African-Communication have carried out numerous projects. Some are listed below to inspire your work on countering violent extremism.

Chad, Niger: "Peace Through Development Program" - USAID, 2012-2013
Working with dozens of different community, commercial and state radio stations to help them design, develop and produce programmes which build community resilience to all kinds of shocks - environmental, economic, social, informational, etc. and enable those communities, as communities, to resist the financial and religious blandishments, and threats of violent extremists.

Nigeria "Hausa-Language Satellite Television for West Africa" 2013-2014
Development, operation and management of a Hausa-language financially sustainable satellite TV channel aimed at youth residing in northern Nigeria which creates positive themes and narratives competing with those of political violence and violent extremism. Development of an associated revenue stream and immature advertising markets. Enhancement of local media capacity and professionalism by sub-awarding to local partners. Echo content delivered initially by satellite television through additional media platforms.

Pakistan "Countering Violent Extremism - Coordinated Media and Outreach programme" - Client: DANIDA, 2011-2012
Needs analysis, conceptual development, management, supervision, planning and quality control of a project using media to reduce radicalization and violent extremism in the FATA and KP regions in Pakistan by increasing the awareness of violent extremism and empowering social networks and individuals (especially women) to influence family and peers. The project is based on the concept of the Yeh Hum Naheen (2008-2010) which strengthened social networks in order to counter the development of terrorism and established terrorism as a national issue.

Pakistan "Multi-Media Campaign Yeh Hum Naheen" - Client: Yeh Hum Naheen (This is not us) Foundation, 2006-2010
3-year strategic communication project in Pakistan combating violent extremism and promoting deradicalisation. Outputs have included major high profile mass media campaigns and smaller more carefully targeted projects aimed at specific audience groups such as Pashto radio soap opera on a one of Peshawar's leading radio stations.