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Conflicts and Crises

Conflicts and Crises

African Communication knows that the media can allay animosity towards minorities or foreign countries by factual reporting, avoiding stereotyping, providing context, balancing stories and offering the right of reply.

Broadcast media can also ease ethnic and other tensions by airing debates and talk-shows where minority views are expressed. Even drama and other entertainment programmes can be significant for resolving and  preventing actual or potentially violent conflicts.

African-Communication proposes and designs strategies ranging from assistance in developing media policy, legislation, institution and capacity building as well as programme production and exchange across enemy boundaries. The partners behind African-Communication are among the most experienced experts in the strategic and practical use of communication and media strategies in the prevention and management of violent conflicts.

In times of conflicts and crises the population needs information about shelter, food, safety and political developments, and African Communication provides efficient and rapidly deployable media plans for meeting crucial humanitarian needs.