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Implemented Programmes, Projects and Services:

The partners behind African-Communication have carried out numerous projects. Some are listed below to inspire your work in conflict and crisis prevention.

Belgium "Synthesis Background Paper for NB8 Workshop on Russian-language Media January 2015" - Client: Danish Cultural Institute, 2015
Synthesis report of four local expert reports on the current media situation for Russian speaking populations and the level of media literary within Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Ukraine; the initiatives taken by the national governments; and the local experts' suggested measures to address the identified needs for Russian-language media. Presentation of current media situation in the individual countries; national and regional initiatives to remedy the need for locally produced Russian-language media; synthesis of local experts' reports and suggested measures with recommendations and action plan.

Liberia, Burundi, South Sudan, South Africa "Mid-Term Evaluation of African Peace building Coordination Programme Phase II" - Client: MFA Finland, 2013
The comprehensive evaluation of the APCP programme Phase II in the programme countries Liberia, South Sudan and Burundi as well as in the HQ in South Africa was based on DAC evaluation criteria and conducted as a genuinely participatory and transparent process. It covered capacity building of mediators and peace builders, mediation on land conflicts, policy frameworks with UN and AU, national and regional platforms for dialogue and on peacebuilding literature and handbooks for capacity building. The evaluation presented recommendations supporting the APCP Programme by strengthening coherence and coordination across the peace, security, humanitarian, development and human rights dimensions in peace building operations in Africa.

Burma/Myanmar "Conflict-Sensitive Reporting Evaluation" - Client: Internews, 2013
Evaluation of previously conducted training in conflict-sensitive reporting to ascertain success of the training programme and the extent to which the newly acquired skills have been used by media in reporting on conflicts in Myanmar.

Nigeria "Stabilisation and Reconciliation Programme on media and conflict prevention" - Client: Dfid, 2012
Training journalists and contributing to modules of post-grad, University affiliated online diploma programme in conflict sensitive communication

Global "Portfolio Review for UNDP's Bureau for Crisis Prevention and Recovery" - Client: UNDP Bureau for Crisis Prevention and Recovery, 2011-2012
Conduct of portfolio review to assess the effectiveness of the Bureau for Crisis Prevention and Recovery-supported programmes and its ability to assist UNDP in addressing crisis prevention and recovery challenges. Field visits to DRC, Kenya, Uganda, North Sudan, Somalia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Georgia and Colombia as well as desk studies of three additional countries in order to assess projects and outline a typology of factors determining project success or failure, identifying strengths and weaknesses in present procedures, design and implementation of projects and programmes. The project also analyses ways of improving organizational structures and procedures between UNDP BCPR in New York, the country offices and regional structures within the field of crisis prevention and recovery.

Eritrea/France/Israel "Radio Erena Evaluation" - Client: Reporters without Borders, 2013
Evaluation of first 3-year phase of Radio Erena (based in France) broadcast to Eritrea. Survey of listeners in exile (Israel) to determine their responses to the contents of the programs, the extent to which the programming has had a positive impact on Eritreans inside and outside the country; and to assess need for changes in style or contents of future programming.

Afghanistan "The Media in Afghanistan: Opportunities and Challenges for Peacebuilding" - Client: US Institute of Peace, 2010
Formative assessment report on the media in Afghanistan examining the concepts of "security" and "transition" from an Afghan point of view and recommendations on specific media interventions addressing security vulnerabilities identified by Afghans. This assessment is the point of reference of the USIP methodology paper, "Intended Outcome Needs Assessment" (IONA), providing a new approach to the design and application of a formative media assessment procedure.

Afghanistan "Projects for Social Change" - Clients: iMedia Associates (UK) and Media Support Partners, Afghanistan, 2011
Consultation on four projects for social change: (a) Straight Talk, youth radio. Training of producers and reporters on ‘intended outcomes' program design and multi-part program planning. (b) Helmand Radio Drama, radio soap opera for audiences in this specific war-torn Afghan province; design of formative research plan, production process, and training of project manager in intended outcomes methodology; (c) Mahaal News Service - online production and distribution of daily features on current affairs in Pashto language: Training of reporters in conflict-sensitive approaches to journalism; (d) Talking Books - combination of audio books and educational radio programs: evaluation of educational programs proposed by radio stations across Afghanistan.

Sri Lanka "Using Radio for Community Development and Empowerment" - Client: Search for Common Ground, 2009-2011
Technical support and training of SFCG Sri Lanka and its partners on the concept of ‘Radio for Peacebuilding (RfP)', development of radio dramas and interactive radio talk shows. The project ‘Promoting Active Civic Participation in the Hill Country' focused on improving the awareness regarding rights and responsibilities, building the leadership capacity of youth in the plantation community to engage in community development activities and creating spaces for dialogue amongst the main stakeholders.

Nepal, Bangladesh and the Philippines "Online Media and Telecoms Guides" - Client: Infoasaid, 2011-2012
Planning, research and production of comprehensive online media and telecoms landscape guides on Nepal, Bangladesh, and Philippines. The detailed information on the media and telecommunications landscapes at www.infoasaid.org makes it possible to identify information needs and access assessment in the immediate aftermath of an emergency.

Nigeria (Kaduna) "Radio Takshow for Peacebuilding Workshop" - Client: i-Media, 2012
Design and hosting radio talkshow for peacebuilding workshop for 22 radio producers from different state, commercial and other radio stations across Nigeria as part of the five-year Nigeria Stability and Reconciliation Programme (FCO).

Kyrgyzstan "Kyrgyz Republic Transition Initiatives" - Client: International Resources Group, 2012
Support to the media component of the Kyrgyz Republic Transition Initiatives funded by OTI-USAid. Development of current media projects and design of new projects using media to facilitate increasing engagement of citizens across the country's diverse ethno-lingusitic communities with local and national government following the 2010 inter-communal violence. Assessment of the capacities of media to serve as an agent of nationwide social cohesion and to propose new ways for media practitioners to engage in their work.

South East Europe "Stakeholder Dialogue on Democratic Media Policy in South East Europe" - Client: Danish MFA and Council of Europe, 2000-2002
Management and monitoring of regional and national Forums for Dialogue between media legislators, regulatory bodies and media managers serving as peace-building tools for civil society.

Africa "Regional Radio for Peacebuilding Project" - Client: Radio for Peacebuilding, 2004-2010
Initiation, management, and fund raising for the Radio for Peacebuilding, Africa project (www.radiopeaceafrica.org) covering seven countries designed to improve horizontal and vertical communications between government, media and citizens. The project aims to increase the knowledge about, and use of peacebuilding techniques in radio among professional African radio broadcasters.

South East Europe "Establishment of Network of Public TV-stations in South East Europe and South East Europe Network of Private Broadcast Associations - Peace and Democracy" - Client: Danish MFA, 1999-2003
Post-conflict appraisal, design, management and monitoring of a long term regional programme on collaboration between public broadcasters and private broadcaster associations. By facilitating the establishment of a regional network for ten national public broadcasters the network spawned co-producing news and documentaries as well as a daily news exchange. A second regional network for associations of private broadcasters established a daily news exchange and collaborated on training and media policy. A third network of politicians working with media legislation, regulatory bodies and media managers across the region outlined important policy standards. The aim of the programme was to promote peace and democracy in the 12 Balkan region countries.

Afghanistan "Good Morning, Afghanistan" - Client: EC RRM and EC ALA Support to Afghanistan, 2002-2004
Identification, design, implementation and supervision of post-conflict programme in Afghanistan supporting the 2-hour daily public service broadcast "Good Morning Afghanistan" on Radio Afghanistan promoting peace, democracy and human rights.

Global "Evaluation of "People-to-People" Peacebuilding Projects" - Client: USAID and CMM, 2011
Evaluation of  projects and their theoretical and applied aspects. Comparison of the academic (theoretical) expectations of conflict resolution experts against the experiences of practitioners in the field to suggest best practices and issues that need consideration as the field continues to develop.

Solomon Islands "Peace and Reconciliation Communications" - Client: Ministry for National Unity, Peace and Reconciliation on Solomon Islands and UNDP, 2009
Stakeholder assessment, workshop, and development of Communications Strategy as well as Communications and Visibility Manual. Outline of media landscape support programme for conflict transformation

Macedonia, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia "Video Dialogue for Social Reconstruction" - Clients: World Bank, USAID, Dutch Foreign Ministry, 2002-2003
Design, training and implementation of programmes facilitating dialogue and promoting inter-communal cooperation in searching for solutions to commonly identified problems.

Indonesia "Reintegration of post-war and post-Tsunami youth in Aceh" - Client: World Bank, 2006-08
Design and training radio producers in interactive radio programming and how to conduct interviews with youth in Aceh with the goal of identifying commonly agreed upon issues and mutually acceptable solutions.

Madagascar "Radio Workshop for the Prevention of Violence against, and the Protection of Children" - Client: UNICEF, 2011
Consultancy and media workshop on behavior change vis a vis child rights and protection of children from violence in Madagascar.

Iraq "Youth and Reconciliation" - Client: United States Institute of Peace, 2009
Curriculum development for television program targeting conflict resolution and peace building among Iraqi youth.