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Implemented Programmes, Projects and Services:

The partners behind African-Communication have carried out numerous projects. Some are listed below to inspire your work ondesigning successful development programmes.

United Kingdom - Client: Media for Development, 2012
Management, production and editing of 6 audio dramas designed to help older prisoners re-habilitate on release. Organisation and hosting focus groups of target audience.

Africa "Knowledge Management on Water Ressources" - Client: WPP, African Development Bank, 2009
Strategy, manuals and tools to use for using development communication to increase operational efficiency, local ownership and commitment to Integrated Water Resource Management in Africa.

Pacific Region "Sector and Thematic Pacific Observatory" - Client: EU, 2011
Production, editing and validation of online articles and blogs delivered by the Pacific stakeholders. Moderation of the Pacific Region e-platform. Training and motivation of intermediary organizations and Pacific Region Economic Communities to improve the capacity by enhancing their knowledge and understanding of global ACP private sector development.

South Asia "UNDP PARAGON Regional Governance Programme" - Client: UNDP Paragon, 2001
Feasibility missions and conceptualizing regional programme on good governance, human security and peace in South Asia with a particular focus on media cooperation and regional structures for professional policy exchanges. Assessment mission for joint South Asian conference with WBI as a platform for coordinated donor and NGO-strategies using media to prevent conflicts and build peace and democracy in the region.

Indonesia "Access to Justice" - Client: EU and British Council, 2007-2008
Design and production of radio-based public awareness media campaign to increase access to justice for women and youth in 5 provinces of Indonesia providing listeners with specific information on their rights pertaining to land tenure, family violence, early marriage, and divorce; as well as instructions to receive free legal assistance from governmental and private institutions.

Macedonia, Nigeria, Palestine "Social Change Television" - Client: USAID, EU, DFID, Nestle Corporation, 1999-2004
Advice on curriculum development, design, training, and production of social change television programming in Macedonia (the 5-year series "Nashe Maalo" dealing with inter-ethnic relations, conflict prevention and resolution), Nigeria (the 4-year series "The Station" addressing inter-tribal, inter-faith conflicts), and Palestine. The Joke, a 1-year comedy commissioned by the Palestinian community on the West Bank, examined problems, conflicts and disputes within the community itself as a precursor for Palestinians to be able to face differences between them and their Israeli neighbors.

South East Europe "Balkan Bridges" - Client: EU, 2002-2004
Design and supervision of a 4-year print (quarterly magazines) and TV project in six Balkan countries (Macedonia, Albania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro, and Kosovo) focusing on shared regional political, economic and social issues. The 2 documentary films per year produced and broadcast by independent television stations in the six countries participating in the project.